Black Support for Charter Schools

Perhaps we should take another look at charter schools before writing them off. In an article in The Wall Street Journal today by Jason. L. Riley we discovered the following surprising endorsements from African-Americans.

577fb43bb995c6e2139f6a08ca42e801“A Flower for the Teacher” by Winslow Homer

. . . Charter schools are among the best public schools in the country. It isn’t uncommon for a charter located in an inner-city ghetto to outperform affluent white suburban schools on standardized tests. Last year in New York City, the nation’s most populous public-school system, the charter schools outperformed all other schools in the state by an average of 18 points in reading, and charters were half of the city’s top 10 schools in math proficiency. It’s no surprise that the wait list for charter schools in many cities is thousands of children long—more than 42,000 students are wait-listed in New York City—and that blacks have the most to lose from the moratorium advocated by the NAACP. . .

. . . According to the latest Education Next national survey figures from Harvard’s Paul Peterson, black support for alternatives to traditional public schools is as robust as it’s ever been. Black respondents backed charter schools by two-to-one. Black support for means-tested vouchers was a similarly strong 66%. . .

Mr. Riley, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow and Journal contributor, is the author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” (Encounter Books, 2014).


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